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Water Proofing Construction Chemical Content

  • All Waterproofing  Surface Preparation checklist.

A. The Substrate Shall Be Rendered Sound, Free From Contaminants Such As Fungus, Algae, Dust, Etc., By Removing All Weak Layers . The Substrate Must Be Prepared By Suitable Mechanical Preparation Techniques. And Properly Pre Wetted To A Saturated Surface Dry (Ssd) Condition For Cementitious Coating / Fully Dry For Acrylic Or  Pu Based Coating.

B. The Drain Pipes Openings Shall Be Just Above And Sealed With Epoxy Putty/Microconcrete/High Strength Mortar Admixed With Sbr Latex . The Prepared Substrate Surface, And If They Are Not, Either The Substrate Shall Be Repaired Or The Drain Pipe Relocated Suitably.

C. Should Any Defect Be Present In The Substrates, The Contractor Or Applicator Shall Carryout All The Necessary Rectification Works And Preparatory Works Before The Installation Of The Specified Waterproofing System.

  • Cracks Honecomb,Weak Surface Running Through The Sections Shall Be Repaired Using Low Viscosity, Solvent Free Epoxy Injection Resin System, Or Non Shrink Cement Slurry.
  • Any Surface Cracks Shall Be Chased Open Into A ‘V And U ’Shape  Groove, And Filled With  Sbr Latex, Crack Seal Acrylic Paste/ Pu Sealent Modified Cementitious Mortar. In Case The Cracks Are “ Live “ , It Is Recommended To Seal The Same With A Flexible Single Component Polyurethane Sealant  After Opening Up The Joint In A  Groove.

D. Special Attention Shall Be Given On Substrate Preparation On The Internal Surfaces Of Drain Pipe Openings To Ensure It Is Carried Out To Properly.

E. The Detailing At The Penetrations Of Any Pipes, Cables, Air-Con Mountings, Etc., Shall Be Carefully Carried Out As Specified By The Architect.

  • Above Procedure For All Type Of Waterproofing Roof, Bathroom, Basement, Balcony, Water Tank, Teen shed.

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